Friday, 7 October 2011

Choose to Change...

Symbol of life transformation.

My time browsing the internet is never a fruitless or time wasting activity. The links I find enrich my mind and often serve to change my life. If I spent the time reading books it would not be seen in the same light at all. During this time of change I am searching for articles that inspire and inform me to keep me motivated and enable the process to keep moving.
Such a link cropped up this morning.
"Like it or not, every choice you make, creates the life you live. Even when things happen to you and your life, your choice in how you deal with it determines the outcome. Since you only get to live your life one time, make your choices count."

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  1. Lynn , found your new blog now and will keep popping in :-)
    your sentiments on here pretty well echo where we're at too i think xx